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America Has Big Sisters Fundraiser Awards Luncheon

The America Has Big Sisters Fundraiser Awards Luncheon was established in 2018 as an opportunity to recognize and honor women that serve as leaders and or/mentors in their communities.  The event also serves as our Annual Fundraiser to support the mission of America’s Big Sisters Foundation.  The day is filled with panel discussions, motivational speakers, entertainment, and much more.

The community is given an opportunity to nominate women that they feel are deserving of this recognition.  These phenomenal women are healthcare workers, educators, politicians, community activist, religious leaders, law enforcement workers, or established in many other great career paths – all motivated to make a difference in their community.  Exemplifying  the qualities of a Big Sister by giving their time, talents, and expertise to help change the lives of those in need.

2018 Luncheon

2019 Luncheon